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Travel is our passion

and we believe it's yours too. More than tourists, we are travelers, discoverers. We prefer the genuine over  commercial, the local over global, the authentic over touristic. Therefore we prefer our accommodation to be in local houses rather than hotel accommodation. And we know that a great welcoming is the best start to make a stay truly memorable.

We are BUUKA

We are experts in the short term rental market and take care of our clients' homes as if they were our own. We have created several management processes and tools to helps us control and organize every home, so that nothing fails during the entire stay.

Our mission

We want our guests to feel special by providing a different, more personal and a comfortable stay.

Our experience

We ventured into this world of sharing. The owners trust us with their homes and we share them with people from all over the world.

More than sharing, we create the ideal conditions for a unique stay.

Communication, competence, reliability, organization and transparency are our pillars. Join us!
No need to worry, we're here to help you solve whatever you need and achieve your goals.
Do you want to be part of BUUKA?
We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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